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New Jersey Were Our Crackwhores Can Beat up your Crackwhores [entries|friends|calendar]
New Jersey Bands <3

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[24 Jun 2005|03:02am]
hey well havent updated this in a wile now have i o poo ..well i woah i dont know what i am im tired but im not ...... im at coleens ... tommorow im supposted to go to staples for a job interview ... i really did nothing today it was awesome... im going to the kp show on sat and then sportsworld on sunday it should be fun wooooooooooo.... im getting my hair cut pretty short well short for me and idk what else grrrrr my camra didnt come in and they said 3 to 5 days shipping and its been 7 grrr i hate dell lol well im going to go bye
2 Bitches and Hoes // Bergen County

[27 May 2005|11:56pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Hey guys im bored soo ill up date this thing well about a week ago there was major between me and someone and i think we both got a little out of hand about the situation but o well..... then the 20th i went to a show and it was good and bad i saw some one i wish i could be with for anything and then i met someone else i really want to get to know better...the sleeping wish me a happy birthday =)...... saturday the 21st i went to gabbys house for a party for me for my bday it was really good ...... sunday i had my sweet 16 that was funnnnn everyone seemed like they had a good time and this week is blah soo far nothing really happened that was good... but i got a new cell and im getting my new camra soon ... tommorow im going to the show in wycoff it should be fun that boy that i would do anything to be with is going to be there... but if i get sad my friends are there for me ..... and sunday im supposted to have a family party for my bday and go to this other party but idk whats going on yet o well im done


// Bergen County

[26 Apr 2005|08:28am]
[ mood | okay ]

hey guys i havent been here in a while but i felt like updating so im going to .... nothing really special has been going on i just joined softball and its like taking over my life but o well.. my friends and my show running company might put on a show in may the day before my birthday so if u want to go you more than welcome to go ... wooo still flying solo lol i hope things get better with that situation well im offf like a dirty shirt ttyl

♥ amanda lynn

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My last entry [12 Dec 2004|12:05am]
[ mood | calm ]

weel so far the weekends was fun

i went to the show in wayne last night that was a good show
i went with  coleen brielle jenna christina jenna joe phill matt
the bands were
forget mccallister
john connor

all the bands were awsome and soo many funnie things happened

Today i went to my little bro bday part y and did the family thing today idk what im doing tommorow

I made a new Lj im going to use this one for the show pictures and other things

</span> dancingmayoccur

so if u want to add me please do soo

1 Bitches and Hoes // Bergen County

blue is a such great color [05 Dec 2004|10:24pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

weekend was fun'

went to kelly b-day party .. then put together some toys for her

hung out wuth jenna and christina.. hand a mucho uber party
... lol
-the pizzas
-other funny stuff

i missed hanging with jenna

hung with christina for a little then hung with jenna

next weekend
show?. another party?. idk but what ever goes done it should be fantastical


// Bergen County

[02 Dec 2004|09:00pm]

It's kelly's birthday tommorow (shes my sister)

shes going to be threeeeeeeeeee...

yay for kelly

Track has been fun i hurt a little \ but i have been ok other wise though.......im going to hang with jenna this weekend yay shes soo cool

ok im done

// Bergen County

[30 Nov 2004|09:53pm]
[ mood | in a little pain ]

Track = Fun



Fun thats hurts a hell of alot




3 Bitches and Hoes // Bergen County

Good times [28 Nov 2004|01:32pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Yeah well i havent updated this in like a 3401249028-029 years

So im going tell you about my week starting from wendsay

it was a half a day of school borning did nothing in school... the pep rally was realy gay no one was pep it was funnie... i went to christinas after school. then came home around like 6 and watched A year without a santa clause with kelly

thanks giving did the family thing went home and slept

Went to the stupid tree lighting with christina walked areound went back to her house.. then went ot my moms house

got my hair dont ... i got low lights and more bangs i dont have any pictures went to the mall with shannon, holly, jenn
----okay well we were in the food court and we saw this kid that was like sitting like a few tables away from us and he had his legs wide open so for like five minutes i was like staring at his crotch and i told shannon jen and holly that i was and then jenn switched spots with holly so she can see this kids crotch.. as soon as she sat down jen was like OMG and went over to the kid..... She knew him and told him that i was staring at his crotch for like the past ten minutes... so she brings him back over to our table and he was like "so i hear someone was staring at my crotch.. and i was like i was b/c its very sexxilol ... then he stay at our table for a couple more minutes and then left ...... thenlike 10 mins later he came back to our table to say by to jenn and then he grabs his crotch and goes this is for you and points to me it was vey funny
good times good times

so far all i did was clean idk what im doing......i get to stay over my monnies tonight woo hooo

tommorow i have track practice im not ready

Should i make a new lj and if i should what should my name be...

ahh i talk to the 2 people i like yesterday and the one was drunk and the other loves me (not really though hes just saying that)

♥ amanda

// Bergen County

I will never regret what i did [21 Nov 2004|01:13pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Friday was really funny . i went to the ragshop with christina and then we met up with coleen brielle chris tj john john john and other people we couldnt stop laughing it was soo funnie .. we played run from chris and intense tag

well last night show was " very interesting" to say the least but it was an awsome show

i went there with:
Sugar (a.k.a Jeff coleens b/f)
and Joe

The Bands Were Fantastic...They Were:
The outfit-i waws in sports world didnt get to watch them
John Connor- I <3 them
Maverick-they were good from what i heard
We're all broken- also good from what i heard
Emma-Was awsome
Madison- Fantastic

picturesCollapse )

okay im done

&hearts; amanda

6 Bitches and Hoes // Bergen County

omg [16 Nov 2004|10:13pm]
[ mood | amused ]

well some good things happened this week and im not really going to go into them because no one reads my lj but other than finding out my grade for the marking period nothing really good has happened in school

this weekend should be really funnnnnnnnnn

friday idk what im doing

Saturday .. im hoping i go to the show

and sunday i think im hanging with people

fun fun fun

well i bit u adue
♥ Wurd

2 Bitches and Hoes // Bergen County

[14 Nov 2004|05:57pm]
[ mood | loved ]

SCHOOL___Well as usuall my school is retarted... the was a fire drill at my school, and we had to stand outside in the rain for like a half an hour... it was cold .. and i felt like i was going to die

The Show___ well the show was awsome i went with joe, matt, christina, and phill all the bands were awsome
Aries- i liked them they were pretty good
The Medic-- Were really good
John Connor--They were Awsome
Amory--were okay
The early Rising -- was really good
*Decoy* -- it was awsome that they go together and played a song
Madison-- They were soo good
....I saw some people i new there it was a really good show though there were so many funnie things that happened

yesterday i did nothing expect i watched my little bro and sister


today im   going to find out about my show

3 Bitches and Hoes // Bergen County

[14 Nov 2004|02:29am]
[ mood | tired ]

changed my layout i really like it

went to an awsome show friday well tell mopre about it tommorow

im tired going to go to bed

// Bergen County

[10 Nov 2004|08:54pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

update biatches .....

Wurd ♥

♥ amanda

2 Bitches and Hoes // Bergen County

AHHH [07 Nov 2004|01:40am]
[ mood | tired ]

well we had a show tonight woo hoo right well some parts were whoo hoo and ather parts were Suck just plane suck

Well all the bands were awsome and i thank all of them soo soo much for playing

Fake Knife- I really didnt get to watch them

Point of impact- They were good

Hearts like handguns- AWSOME! as usual

Forget Mccallister - They were really good from what i saw

Eastbound - One word FANTASTIC

Linnea - They are always good

John Connor - Awsome like they always are

I will have picture tommorow

The Bad things
The one of the mics kept going in and out, the p.a is sorta broken ... But it is fixable. We got yelled at a hole lot tonight. We might have lost another mic. Idk what else went bad

Good Things
So far everyone that i talked to said they had an awsome time at the show. Some one told me they loved me and i am very happy right now they did. Christina popped a party popper in anthonys eye it was the funniest thing ever. Alot of other good things happened but im too tired to even think

i have to go get the place for our  next show because i dont think that they will let us play in the civic center for a wile.. and then i have to do my boi-lab .. and my sketch book for art yay


Okay i think im pretty much done for now untill tommorow when i put the pictures up and junk

Show me your money face

Now go party it up


1 Bitches and Hoes // Bergen County

The show friday was awsome [01 Nov 2004|09:54pm]
[ mood | calm ]

hiiii .. this weekend was pretty good it could have been better at some points but what can you do..

i changed my layout from the medic to linnena

the show was awsome the bands were awsome tooo..
-jet lag gemini - they were pretty good
-ryerson- i didnt get to watch them
-true beautys dead - i think that was their name i really didnt get to watch them
-Eastbound - they were AwSome
-Hearts Like handgun - awsome because i said so and they always are
-John connor- also awsoem and funny
-Stafford - also awsome

over all they show was really good props for the people who put it on
i will have pics up at a later date

was okay could have been better wasnt the best mischeif night

i love halloween this one was okay i was supposted to be the after party for halloween but the wig i had go t really itchy i went arouund with christina.. we met up with jenna and her friend (who is really cool) and then we departed from them and then met up with pat ben pat g/f and phill and then we really did nothing ... but when we were with jenna and her friend we stole a tv from this pile of stuff it was the coolest tv ever we also took yarn and hings too ... but the tv was the coolest

was school as usual nothing happend that was interesting expect that i hvae to put on a puppet show in bio on wed and im watching a movie in spanish and english ... they are good movies but they ones in spanish i watched last yr b/c i had the same teacher last yr..

thats it oh yeah there is a shown on staurday that im am running that i think everyone should go to the bands are:
-fake knife
-point of impact
-hearts like handguns
-forget mccallister
-john connor
it starts at 6:30 and ends at 10
it is in wood ridge at 495 highland ave
p.s we go to the diner afterwards so if u go to the show u can go to the diner with us afterward im done

♥ amanda

1 Bitches and Hoes // Bergen County

soo your going to smoke some pot with out me huh huh??? [25 Oct 2004|09:35pm]
[ mood | high ]

well thiss week has been up the wall across the celing and down the other wall... and i like it all last well i was sick expect for friday i got better b/c i did !!! then friday i hung out with christina and we walked around town and did funn stuff then we went to the civic center and found out about our show and then i slept over her house that was funn.... then saturday i went over gabb's ouse and hung out with her and christina for a wile it was fun to sunday i did nothing then today was fun at school durning 1st and second period all i did was hang out with laura and shannon b/c we watch a video and our teacher wasnt there and then the rest of the day i did nothing in school then when i got home i clean my room and thats it .......this weekend is going to be soo good i get to maybe go to the show on friday .. then saturday is mischeif night wooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooo and then sunday in halloween

and thats really it for now ahhhhh
p.s shaina is the coolest / best person ever

1 Bitches and Hoes // Bergen County

[10 Oct 2004|04:37pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Thursday ws soo much fun i went to the mall with holly,shannon,laura,christina and brielle. Wile brielle and shannon went of to stores me holly christina and laura hung out
+ gilligans island
+ the photo both (ill post the picture at a later date)
+ we tried things on at the halloween store
+ sam goody

Then the weekend was good
On friday i hung out with gabby thats always fun i<3 hanging out with gabby

then yesterday i hung out with coleen in wood-ridge we went to stop and shop and burgerking. we talked alot it was good
+ the hot boys in burgerking
+ the walk to wr from Stop and shop
+ we saw drunk people on the bulvd it was soo funny
+ people were having donut fights

Then today i did nothing as usual i just stayed at my moms

this week i think is going to be pretty goo . the only thing that sucks is that i have school tommorow god do i hate my school i hope it blows up

I want to dance
♥ Amanda

3 Bitches and Hoes // Bergen County

[10 Oct 2004|04:13pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Thursday i went to the mall with christina, laura, shannon, holly, and brielle we had soo much fun shannon and brielle went off by them selves in the mall so it was me christina, laura and holly and we kept doing funny things
+gilligans island
+took picturers in the photo both ( will post them later)
+sam goody
+the halloween store we put on masks ans wigs

so this weekend went pretty good on friday i hung out with gabby she is always fun to hang with

yesterday- i hung out with coleen we go to talk alot and junk and we saw alot of people of the bulvd one or two drunk people people having donut fights> there were these really hot kids in burgerking.

Today i did nothing as usual i just sayed at my moms house

i dont want to go to school tommorow its stupid and i hope it blows up

this week shouldnt be that bad it think i think it will actually pretty good
im talking to holly right know she is soo funny omg

I want to dance right now
♥ Amanda

// Bergen County

[09 Oct 2004|12:17am]
// Bergen County

[07 Oct 2004|04:01pm]
[ mood | good ]

No school tommorow ha ha bitches... wow that was really obnotious(sp?) ...school sucks btw... i have homework in art that sucks .. i havent really been on line or anything latley b/c i dont really have a computer i want to kill some people b/c their stupid... but other than that idk my life is like retarted .. everyone whant me to join winter track but idk if i should or not .. my little sister has this cd that like makes you fell like you on lsd its sooo funny i wish that everyone could hear it .......yeah done



// Bergen County

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